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Undercovers Hero (1974)

  • Rate: 4.9/10 total 319 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 22 October 1975 (USA)
  • Runtime: 107 min
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Undercovers Hero (1974)


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  • IMDb page: Undercovers Hero (1974)
  • Rate: 4.9/10 total 319 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 22 October 1975 (USA)
  • Runtime: 107 min
  • Gross: SEK 900,108 (Sweden)
  • Director: Roy Boulting
  • Stars: Peter Sellers, Lila Kedrova, Curd Jürgens | See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Neil Rhoden   
  • Sound Mix: Mono
  • Plot Keyword: Nazi | Brothel | Agent | Priest | Hitler

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Roy Boulting  story & screenplay
  • Leo Marks  story & screenplay
  • Maurice Moiseiwitsch  idea (as Maurice Moisewitch)

Known Trivia

  • The last film of Basil Dignam.

Goofs: Anachronisms: When the RAF plane blows up the car of prince Kyoto a modern power line pole can be seen in the background.

Plot: In this comedy, set during the Nazi occupation of France, Peter Sellers plays most major male parts… See more » |  »

Story: In this comedy, set during the Nazi occupation of France, Peter Sellers plays most major male parts, so he stars in nearly every scene, always bumbling in inspector Clouseau-style. As British Major Robinson he is hidden in Madame Grenier’s Parisian brothel, right under the nose of the Nazi clients, such as Gestapo agent Herr Schroeder (again him). As Général Latour he leads the French resistance, which includes the brothel madam -made a colonel in charge of her sexy ‘troops’- and a priest, and is joined by young US diplomat Alan Cassidy. As Japanese imperial Prince Kyoto he becomes a target for the resistance in a monastery on his way to Hitler (again him). At the end he decorates the heroes as French president. Written byKGF Vissers

FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • John Boulting known as producer
  • Roy Boulting known as producer
  • John Palmer known as associate producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Peter Sellers known as Général Latour / Major Robinson / Herr Schroeder / Adolf Hitler / The President / Prince Kyoto
  • Lila Kedrova known as Madame Grenier
  • Curd Jürgens known as General Von Grotjahn
  • Béatrice Romand known as Marie-Claude
  • Jenny Hanley known as Michelle
  • Gabriella Licudi known as Simone
  • Françoise Pascal known as Madeleine
  • Rex Stallings known as Alan Cassidy
  • Rula Lenska known as Louise
  • Daphne Lawson known as Claudine
  • Hylette Adolphe known as Mlle. Tom-Tom
  • Vernon Dobtcheff known as Padre
  • Douglas Sheldon known as Kapitan Kneff
  • Thorley Walters known as General Erhardt
  • Timothy West known as Convent Chaplain
  • Jean Driant known as Jean (as Jean Charles Driant)
  • Philip Madoc known as Field Marshal Weber
  • Patricia Burke known as Mother Superior
  • Basil Dignam known as Brigadier
  • Nicholas Loukes known as Schultz
  • Stanley Lebor known as 1st Gestapo Agent
  • Gertan Klauber known as 2nd Gestapo Agent
  • Barry J. Gordon known as 3rd Gestapo Agent
  • Joan Baxter known as Vera Lynn (voice)
  • John Abineri known as Prefect of Police (uncredited)
  • Brandon Brady known as German officer (uncredited)
  • Nicholas Courtney known as French Intelligence Officer (uncredited)
  • Windsor Davies known as Bisset (uncredited)
  • Don Fellows known as Senior Counsellor (uncredited)
  • Harry Fielder known as Soldier (uncredited)
  • Stephen Greif known as Colonel Hiller (uncredited)
  • Andrew Lodge known as Night Duty Officer (uncredited)
  • Helli Louise known as Prostitute (uncredited)
  • Ian McCulloch known as Colonel Braun (uncredited)
  • Douglas Nottage known as SS Officer (uncredited)
  • Bruce Purchase known as Colonel Meinertzhagen (uncredited)
  • Neil Rhoden known as Pianist (uncredited)
  • Carolle Rousseau known as Helene (uncredited)
  • Michael Sheard known as New Military Governor (uncredited)
  • David Toguri known as A.D.C. to Prince Kyoto (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:

  • Joan Carpenter known as hair stylist
  • Stuart Freeborn known as makeup artist




Production Companies:

  • Charter Film Productions

Other Companies:

  • National Screen Service  titles (as National Screen Service Ltd.)


  • Fox-Rank (1974) (UK) (theatrical)
  • United Artists (1975) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Carlton Visual Entertainment (2002) (UK) (DVD)
  • European Trash Cinema (????) (USA) (DVD) (as "Soft Beds, Hard Battles")
  • Sogemedia (2007) (Spain) (DVD)



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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  1. William (williamnorton316@hotmail.com) from Seattle, Washington
    01 Jul 2013, 6:23 am

    Peter Sellers actually gives a performance playing numerous roles in thisboring unfunny farce, as he even plays a Japanese officer and speaks realJapanese language! But not even the great Peter Sellers can save thistiredboring movie that fails in all gags and humor (except for the scene wherethe bed flips over). I could see why United Artist took two years toreleasethis film, and the film only lasted a week in most cities. It’s not onvideo here in America, but it’s recommended to any Peter Sellers fansonly.Others beware!

  2. gainsbarre from Brisbane
    01 Jul 2013, 6:23 am

    What I find interesting about this rather domestic small budget film(made at a time when Sellers’s box office clout was at its lowest) isthe fact that, yes Sellers plays six different characters, however thefilm is not saturated with him. In fact Sellers blends in remarkably tothe rest of the film.

    Although I wouldn’t necessarily call this film a comedy, there are somefunny little bits in it, its strikes me more as a delightful war-timeadventure story.

    In my opinion, the main focal point of this film is brothel ownerMadame Grenier and her girls and their work for the French Resistancein occupied France. Sellers plays a whole host of characters aroundthis central plot point and comes across far more as a counter-point tothe action of Mme Grenier and her girls instead of screaming "PeterSellers film Peter Selers film!" In his roles, he’s also playing ratherstraight, not pushing for laughs, unlike his rather outrageous anddominating roles in the Pink Panther films.

    All in all, this British-made film is rather domestic in feel, not abig budget, and while it’s enjoyable if you happen to come across it oncable one day, but don’t be prepared to be knocked out.

  3. (bradbaum@worldnet.att.net) from Houston, Texas
    01 Jul 2013, 6:23 am

    To my mind, Sellers was at his peak when he made this film. It wasn’t acommercial success like the Panther films, but it was a personal successforSellers. He was being funny AND enjoying himself whilst doing it. I sawthisfilm when it was first released at the cinema and enjoyed it then, and thenagain when it was shown on British TV. It hadn’t aged, it was stillexcellent. I just wish Warners would release it on Video or DVDnow……

  4. sperman69 from Oulu, Finland
    01 Jul 2013, 6:23 am

    Super Sellers gives full show of his great abilities by playing completelydifferent characters, Like he did in "Dr.Strangelove". Only this time he’spushing to the extreme! Hilarious movie, great comedy. I didn’t give asupervote because (alas) it is only Peter Sellers who keeps it going, althoughit’s more than enough for a genuine laugh! :)No, HE is GREAT (was it really needed to say so? even after the PinkPantherseries?)

  5. Tim Kidner (tim@kidnerpix.com) from Salisbury, United Kingdom
    01 Jul 2013, 6:23 am

    As we saw in Dr Strangelove, Peter Sellers is extremely adept andtalented at playing many roles. However, in this lame and unfunnycomedy, he literally falls flat on his (many) face(s).

    (For those not in UK, 'Allo, 'Allo is a long-running British familycomedy series, set in a Belgian war-time town and occupied by theGermans.)

    It might be due to the winds of time and the changing tastes in comedy,but as someone who would have very young at this film's release, Ididn't laugh once, neither at the jokes nor the visual slapstick.

    Sure, this send-up of everything second world war (Sellers plays allthe world leaders, it seems) could have provided many comedy highlightsbut at times it's just painfully embarrassing. The dodgy accents eithergrate or annoy. I found the 'story' impossible to follow, assumingthere actually was one and within half an hour had lost interest andonly followed it to the end for reviewing purposes.

    The oft nude working girls of the 1940's Paris-set brothel made this anX-certificate novelty back 40 years ago and today, the toplessness amere '12' certificate. These are pleasant distractions for the averagemale viewer of course but the novelty soon wears off and soon we areamidst the awful masks that Sellers wears to turn himself 'Japanese'.Even though the film runs for 90 minutes, it seems far longer.

    There's also a young-ish Timothy West as a Cardinal and Curt Jurgens asan SS Officer.

    This may remain Peter Sellers' single worse film. He made some trulygreat ones, this is the exact opposite.

  6. The_Secretive_Bus from Hampshire, England
    01 Jul 2013, 6:23 am

    The tag line: "The film with Six Best Sellers in one!"

    a) The word Best in that sentence is misleading;b) That sentence is funnier than the film itself.

    "Soft Beds" is a very disjointed, rambling film set in World War 2. Franceis being invaded, and a local brothel seems to be getting mixed up in theconflict. A group of prostitutes, with help from a British and an Americansoldier, save Paris from being blown up by the Gestapo.

    Well, there you have it. I don’t think I’d need go on, as that sums up thewhole rubbishness of the film adequately, but I think I might as wellpresson.

    The only reason anyone may remember this film is because Peter Sellersplayssix roles. However, none of them are impressive, and several arecharacterisations played with far better flair in his other films; the oldman who is married but prefers to spend time with the young ladies wasplayed a lot better in "Waltz of the Toreadors", whilst the Japanese man,with pidgin English, was funnier in "Murder by Death". Sellers also playsanother French character who has about 3 minutes screentime and isn’tworthremembering, a Gestapo leader who is neither funny nor menacing, and AdolfHitler, there so that we can make a joke about the fact that the Fuhrerwasracist. It sums up the tone of the film quite nicely. The only characterplayed by Sellers who gets any laughs is a British officer, who has thesamevoice inflections as Captain Mandrake from "Strangelove", and is funnyonlybecause Sellers can say "Sod it!" in a funny way.

    The film is just a long line of sketches involving prostitutes getting oneover on the Nazis, with the British Sellers wandering in and out of thenarrative to shoot someone. The rambling, unfunny plot, coupled withseveralscenes in which people die of flatulence, are the final nails in thecoffinfor this sorry film. In fact, the only fun one could get from this film isthe fact that the cast list is chocker with actors and actresses you’llrecognise from other shows (including Phillip Madoc, and good old Nick"theBrigadier in Doctor Who" Courtney, uncredited, and managing even toout-actSellers with 3 lines). And Rula Lenska is topless in her first scene,whichprobably counts for something.

    It’s rubbish. Stay away. 3/10

  7. co010c6650 from Fife
    01 Jul 2013, 6:23 am

    Peter Sellers' film career was a hit and miss affair to say the leastbut it surely hit a new low with this wretched, screamingly tedious,jumbled, painfully unfunny 'comedy' set in a French brothel during WW2that sees Sellers' ego move into overdrive as it has him appearing inno fewer than 6 roles, each as annoying and unfunny as the next. Howwas this justified ? Oh I forgot, Peter was the star of the show and ifPeter wanted the opportunity to wear as many costumes as he wantedwhilst dazzling us with his repertoire of 'hilarious' accents then,hey, there's little point in the director, producer etc arguing withThe Great One and so they might as well bow to his every whim. I wasunder the impression that at least 90% of the acting profession was outof work at any one time but it seems no-one told this to Sellers and ifthey had, he clearly wasn't listening. This abomination really wasanother nail in the coffin as far as his career was concerned and itcame as no surprise that Inspector Clouseau made a re-appearance a yearof two after this unwatchable drivel was polluting the handful of movietheatres that the distributors decided to show it in.

    One of the better 007 baddies, Curt Jurgens, was clearly desperate forthe pay cheque as he makes an appearance alongside the likes of WindsorDavies ( no sign of Lofty though ) and Rula Lenska.

    Brutal stuff. Don't say you weren't warned.

  8. sqrt_-1 (graviton.atom@icon.co.za) from Pretoria, South Africa
    01 Jul 2013, 6:23 am

    This movie is not particularly funny but it is good forSellers fans. I am such a fan and really enjoyed his acting. Sellers plays6roles and his range is different than many other actors in that he portrayspeople from several nationalities at once very well. Although this time Ithink his French accent was not as good as the others. The movie itself isamusing but not great.

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