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The Price Is Right (TV Series 1972– )

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  • Genre: Family | Game-Show
  • Release Date: 4 September 1972 (USA)
  • Runtime: USA:30 min (1972-1975) | USA:60 min (1975-)
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The Price Is Right (TV Series 1972– )


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  • IMDb page: The Price Is Right (TV Series 1972– )
  • Rate: 7.7/10 total 677 votes 
  • Genre: Family | Game-Show
  • Release Date: 4 September 1972 (USA)
  • Runtime: USA:30 min (1972-1975) | USA:60 min (1975-)
  • Filming Location: Bob Barker Studio, CBS Television City – 7800 Beverly Blvd., Fairfax, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Stars: Bob Barker, Janice Pennington, Dian Parkinson | See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Edd Kalehoff (1 episode, 1972)Sheila Cole (unknown episodes)James Patrick Dunne (unknown episodes)Michael Karp (unknown episodes) 
  • Soundtrack: New Price Is Right Theme
  • Sound Mix: Mono (1972-1987) | Stereo (1987-)
  • Plot Keyword: Product Placement | Guessing Game | Famous Opening Theme | Economics | Audience Participation

Known Trivia

  • On October 6, 1985 with the death of the show’s original announcer Johnny Olson due to a cerebral hemorrhage, a complication from a stroke he had suffered several days earlier, the producers started an immediate search for a new announcer. Gene Wood, Rod Roddy, Rich Jeffries, and Bob Hilton all tried out for the announcing position. 48 year old Rod Roddy was selected for the gig as the show’s second permanent announcer. Roddy was best known to audiences as the off-screen announcer on the ABC sitcom Soap.
  • On October 27th 2003, announcer Rod Roddy dies of colon and breast cancer. The producers started an immediate and extensive search for a new announcer. Randy West, Daniel Rosen, Burton Richardson, Art Sanders, Roger Rose, Rich Fields, Don Bishop, and Jim Thornton each did about two weeks of shows as an on air audition for the announcing position. To choose a successor, a meeting was called between Bob Barker (Executive Producer), Roger Dobkowitz (Producer), Bart Eskander (Director), Kathy Greco (Associate Producer), and a representative from Fremantle. There were many different opinions (i.e, Barker favored Rich Fields, while Dobkowitz favored Randy West, etc…) and after much discussion it was narrowed down between Fields and Thornton. In a final vote, the decision was made to hire 44 year old Rich Fields for the gig as the show’s third regular announcer.
  • The New Price Is Right premiered at at 10:30 on September 4th, 1972 on CBS. Taped at the CBS studio in Los Angeles, the half-hour program aired Mondays through Fridays and featured several contests and a showcase round.
  • On January 17, 1992 Danielle Torres from Pepperdine University became the biggest winner in the show’s history winning $88,865 in cash and prizes. However, this record was broken on September 18, 2006, the first show of the 35th season, when contestant Vickyann Chrobak-Sadowski made daytime television history in more ways than one. Due to an astonishing Double Showcase Win, she won $147,517 in cash and prizes. As a result, Chrobak-Sadowski not only becomes the biggest winner in the Daytime History of “The Price Is Right” to date, she ALSO sets the record for most money in cash and prizes ever won by a contestant in one appearance on a Network Daytime Game Show. The old record was set on 19 May 1984 when unemployed ice cream truck driver Michael Larson appeared as a contestant on Press Your Luck, and won $110,237 in cash and prizes.
  • The original models, formally named “Barker’s Beauties” were Janice Pennington and Anitra Ford. At the start of the fourth season, when the show went into a one-hour format, Dian Parkinson became the third newest “beauty”. Then in early 1977, Anitra Ford was replaced by 24 year-old Holly Halstrom. Janice, Dian, and Holly would show their true beauty success when modeling for new cars, exotic vacation, and nifty prizes. Then, a milestone occurred: On Christmas Eve (December 24, 1990), Kathleen Bradley not only became the fourth new “Barker Beauty”, but also the first Black American beauty in both CBS Daytime and “Price Is Right” history. On June 18, 1993, the Season 21 finale, Dian Parkinson left the show “to pursue other interests”. Bob allowed her to say goodbye before the 6th pricing game. The producers of “The Price Is Right” launched a nationwide search to replace Parkinson. A 22 year-old college student named Gena Lee Nolin won the coveted job in early 1994. In the spring of 1995 Nolin was spotted on The Price Is Right by a casting director from the hit show Baywatch and Nolin was offered and accepted a regular role on Baywatch. 29 year-old Cindy Margolis filled in for Nolin while the producers searched for a permanent replacement. In 1995, after 19 years on the show, Holly Hallstrom shot her final episode at the end of July. At that point the production company decided to downsize from 4 models to 3 models, two that wear swimsuits (Kathleen Bradley and Gena Lee Nolin) and one that does not (Janice Pennington). Nolin was permanently replaced by 27 year-old model Chantel Dubay. Dubay left the show in 1999, she was replaced by 29 year-old model Nikki Ziering. In 2000 Janice Pennington and Kathleen Bradley were dismissed and try-out models were used until Pennington and Bradley were replaced by two new Barker’s Beauties, Claudia Jordan and Heather Kozar. Ziering and Kozar both left the program in 2002. At this time, Jordan became the only “permanent” model and was joined by a rotating cast of additional models. In 2003 Claudia Jardan left the show.
  • On October 31, 2006, Bob Barker announced he will step down from his duties and retire following 35 years as the “World Greatest Emcee” of “The Price Is Right” and the face of CBS Daytime. On June 15, 2007 Barker hosted his last episode which aired in both the regular daytime spot and again in primetime as a lead in to The 2007 Daytime Emmy Award Ceremony.
  • The show originally premiered as “The New Price is Right” however, the “New” was dropped near the end of the first season on July 2, 1973.
  • The very first one bid prize was a fur coat.
  • On April 9th 1998, Studio 33 at CBS Television City in Hollywood, where this show is taped was renamed the “Bob Barker Studio” in honor of the program’s ceremonial 5000th show and for ‘Bob Barker’s achievements.
  • On 24 September 2002, after thirty years with basically the same set design and color scheme, a brand-new look was introduced on the show inspired by the primetime specials, including new door designs and a Hollywood-themed mural on the turntable.

Plot: Contestants guess the prices of featured products in order to win them. Full summary »

Story: Running for over 30 years, this popular game show had a wide variety of contests and games, all with the same basic challenge: guess the prices of everyday (and some not-so-everyday) items. The contestants whose estimates were the closest would win the prizes and move on to more difficult games with even bigger prizes. Written byJean-Marc Rocher <>

FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Roger Dobkowitz known as producer / associate producer (4,126 episodes, 1984-2008)
  • Bob Barker known as executive producer (3,371 episodes, 1988-2007)
  • Frank Wayne known as executive producer (3,286 episodes, 1972-1988)
  • Jay Wolpert known as producer (1,384 episodes, 1972-1978)
  • Syd Vinnedge known as executive producer (381 episodes, 2007-2009)
  • Mike Richards known as co-executive producer / executive producer (308 episodes, 2008-2013)
  • Adam Sandler known as producer / co-producer / … (70 episodes, 2008-2013)
  • Stanley Blits known as co-producer (14 episodes, 2007-2009)
  • Kathy Greco known as co-producer / producer (14 episodes, 2007-2009)
  • Sue MacIntyre known as co-producer (14 episodes, 2007-2009)
  • Andrew J. Selig known as associate producer (2 episodes, 1972)
  • Mark Goodson known as executive producer (unknown episodes, 1972-1992)
  • Bill Todman known as executive producer (unknown episodes, 1972-1979)
  • Phillip W. Rossi known as producer (unknown episodes, 1975-2003)

FullCast & Crew:

  • Bob Barker known as Himself – Host / known as (6,716 episodes, 1972-2009)
  • Janice Pennington known as Herself – Model / known as (5,519 episodes, 1972-2000)
  • Dian Parkinson known as Herself – Model / known as (3,484 episodes, 1975-1993)
  • Holly Hallstrom known as Herself – Model (3,481 episodes, 1977-1995)
  • Rod Roddy known as Himself – Announcer / known as (3,089 episodes, 1985-2003)
  • Johnny Olson known as Himself – Announcer / known as (2,840 episodes, 1972-1985)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:

  • Carol Wood known as makeup artist (2 episodes, 2007-2009)
  • Tracey L. Miller-Smith known as makeup artist (unknown episodes)

Art Department:

  • Bruce Comtois known as cars stagehand (3 episodes, 1998-2001)




Production Companies:

  • Price Productions (1972-1994)
  • Fremantle Media North America (2002-)
  • Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) (1972-)
  • Mark Goodson Productions LLC (1994-)
  • Mark Goodson Television Productions (1984-)
  • Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions (1972-1984)

Other Companies:

  • Bob Barker Studio  taping location
  • Botany 500  Bob Barker's wardrobe
  • CBS Television City  taping location
  • J.G. Hook  models' wardrobe
  • Score Productions  music supervision
  • ShowBiz Enterprises  draperies

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  • Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
  • Viacom (1972-1980) (USA) (TV)
  • The Television Program Source (1985-1986) (USA) (TV)
  • Paramount Television (1994-1995) (USA) (TV)
  • All American Television (1994-1998) (USA) (TV)
  • Pearson Television International (1998-2002) (USA) (TV)
  • Fremantle Media (2002-) (UK) (TV)
  • Fremantle Corporation, The (2002-)



Other Stuff

Release Date:

  • USA 4 September 1972



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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  1. Brian Washington ( from Los Angeles, California
    24 May 2013, 4:46 am

    After over thirty years on the air, this I think it is right to call thisshow an institution. The Price Is Right is one of the few shows ontelevision that is loved by young and old alike and that can beattributedto Bob Barker and the production staff who have done everything over theyears to keep it fresh and innovative as well as exciting for theviewers.This is truly one show that I am proud to say that I grew upwith.

  2. Chris Morrow (morrowman2) from Pickerington, Ohio
    24 May 2013, 4:46 am

    The Price is Right is without a doubt the best not to mentionthe longest running game show in the history of Television.I have watched the Price is Right ever since I was a littleboy and I still watch watch it to this day. But, Here iswhatmakes the Price is Right the best game show and that isnoneother then BOB BARKER! Bob Barker is the best host ever andheis the one that that makes the show the success that italwayshas been. I can almost a sure you that once Bob Barkereitherretires or dies that the show will never make it because nomatterwho they get to replace Bob the game show just would not be the same becauseBob Barker is a one of a kind and there is only one ofhim!

  3. hfan77
    24 May 2013, 4:46 am

    Now in its 32nd year on CBS, The Price is Right is still a hit with no signsof going stale. If you’re a regular viewer, you’ll notice that no twoepisodes are the same since there are 70 pricing games in the show’srepertory and nine contestants per show.

    There have been a number of keys to Price’s success. At the top is BobBarker. He is the Babe Ruth of game show hosts, treating the contestantscourteously and masterfully putting them at ease when he sets the scene forwhat they could win next. Another key is that Price has all the elements that contribute to a hit gameshow. A simple format where anyone can identify with the price ofmerchandise and the home audience can play along. The pricing games such asPlinko and Lucky Seven are simple viewer-friendly games that also createdrama. The big question for Price is will it be Burton Richardson or Randy Westthat will replace the late Rod Roddy? Both are very good announcers butI’m going with Burton based on his successful track record and experience. He was also the announcer on the short-lived 1994 version that was hosted byDoug Davidson.

    However, this review cannot be completed without mentioning the man whocreated this classic, Mark Goodson. Seven years after the original BillCullen version was cancelled, CBS called him to revive Price but he felt theold game wouldn’t work so he overhauled the show and after three years as astandard half-hour show, the network made a bold move in expanding Price toan hour. Since then, it became a true classic. It’s too bad Goodson’sgone, because he would have been very proud of his long-running creationwhere ordinary people COME ON DOWN!!!

  4. Jdc102 from Southern California
    24 May 2013, 4:46 am

    This show rules! Its really cool how a show that has been on since 1972continues to do so well, and I think because its just really entertaining.They often have a lot of really good prizes, like some really good cars. Ithink this is a very enjoyable show for people who love to watch GameShows.I hope this comes to GameShow Network..

    Thanks for Reading..

  5. mcgee-8 from Oregon, USA
    24 May 2013, 4:46 am

    If Bob Barker didn’t exist, television would’ve had to invent him. Hisfolksy and highly-controlled approach is slick, witty, charming, disarmingand utterly appropriate for the populist realm of game shows.

    Until "Who Wants To Be Millionaire?," you could safely assert that therewas no more populist a game show than "The Price Is Right." Thecross-section of people who "come on down" to play the game is as culturallydiverse a melting pot as you’ll find on television. And because of this, itis easy for the viewer to relate to the contestants, and to feel for theirups and downs.

    Skillfully facilitating all of this is Barker, who is refreshinglyold-school in his across-the-board respect for the contestants. And hedoesn’t have to strain to "sell" the pricing games to the viewers — mostare clever, challenging and enduring.

    One of the interesting elements about "Price" is that a contestant can beinept as a pricer, but if they’re lucky enough, they could still advance towin the "showcase" at the end of the show. The "anything can happen"element this creates helps make the show even more interesting, ifoccasionally frustrating. (It seems unfair to disqualify an excellentshowcase guest that is over by a few hundred, while the "winning" guest isunder by several thousand. But those are the rules.)

    Cheers to Mr. Barker, and to Rod and "the beauties."

  6. anonymous from MD
    24 May 2013, 4:46 am

    I guess I am a Game Show fanatic! I have just finnished commentnig onWheelof Fortune and Jeopardy! I love to watch the Price is Right on days offfrom School and over the summer. I like seeing the prizes and thereactionsyou get from people when they win something. It’s a great show and I amsoglad that CBS still shows it.

  7. Alex0006 from United States
    24 May 2013, 4:46 am

    Ah, The Price is Right. I've been watching this show since I was 2, sothat's 17 years as of this writing. And I've seen quite a lot of upsand downs, but none that inspired so much drama-whoring from fanb01z asthe events that have taken place recently. What is their problem!?! Theproblem is Bob Barker. He did the show so long he started to blend inwith it. Bill Cullen? Dennis James? Tom Kennedy? Doug Davidson? Whowere THOSE has-beens? The fans only want Bob. Which is a shame, really.

    To better understand why this show is so successful, you have tounderstand the times. Game shows were in their height back in the '70'sand '80's. CBS Daytime was pretty much dominated by game shows. Andgame show hosts were game show hosts! No Howie Mandels and RyanSeacrests here; game show hosts were people who actually knew what theywere doing and who could interact well with contestants. And there werea lot of them available due to the fact that there were so many gameshows.

    Strangely enough, though, there weren't any shows like TPIR being made.Sure, there was Let's Make a Deal, but it wasn't even close. So, whenTPIR was revived after being off the air since 1965, it truly was "TheNEW Price is Right"! People loved it because all you had to do was showup and give the interviewer guy (currently Stan Blits) a convincingenough argument, and you could walk out with a brand-new car and/orsome furniture! Fast forward to 2007. By then, game shows were prettymuch dead. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! were the only other survivingshows besides TPIR left from the "good old days". And the only othergame show that could touch them in terms of greatness was Who Wants tobe a Millionaire. True "game show hosts" were a dying breed. Also, ThePrice is Right was starting to stagnate in the eyes of the casual fan,partially because Bob installed himself as executive producer in 1987following the death of the previous E.P., and Bob wanted to keep that"traditional" look to the show. Nothing was being updated aside fromthe host's hair color. Which, in the world of artistry (I'm acartoonist), is a cardinal sin.

    And, then…on October 31, 2006…it happened. Bob Barker, the World'sGreatest M.C., finally said that the time had come. Roger Dobkowitz andthe Fremantle Media crew were now being put in the incredibly difficultposition of trying to replace him. But, seriously, how do you "replace"Bob Barker? There would be no way they'd find a host good enough.

    But they were going to try. And they were finally going to give thatshow that fresh update it had been aching for since the August 1975overhaul.

    Enter Drew Carey. It sure seemed like they were going out in left fieldwhen they picked him, as his only prior experience was Whose Line is itAnyway. And as much as I LOVED that show, it and The Drew Carey Showwere sharp contrasts to the much more family-friendly Price is Right.In my eyes, at the time, he seemed more suited for a Match Gamerevival! But, after only a month, it's becoming very clear that he fitsthis show like a glove (even though he got a rough start initially),and he actually makes it fun to watch again! The way he ties thosesupplies of grocery products to items up for bid ("'Cause everyoneknows you need a fork and a knife to eat your V8!" ROFL!), the "golfannouncer" persona he takes in Hole in One or Two prior to acontestant's putt, and his humorously lame attempts to copy Bob thatend in failure ("We can't start that range finder again for 37 minutes!…Uh, hours!") all breathe new life into TPIR. But as much as I likeDrew, it seems that for many (or at least the vocal), he is made ofepic fail. 'Cause he isn't Bob. 'Cause they think that Bob, ToddNewton, and Rich Fields are the ONLY ones who can do TPIR.

    And then there's the thing with the studio overhaul. The pastelcurtains, the restoration of the light green border to the Contestants'Row podiums, the new Showcase podiums, the blocky Turntable, thekitschy doors, Golden Road no longer having its dots, the prospect ofthe show traveling like Wheel of Fortune does, and Rich saying that theshow is a Fremantle Media production at the end. In the name of"tradition" and the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra, the fanshave again whined about all this stuff.

    These so-called "fans" don't really want THE Price is Right. They justwant THEIR Price is Right. You know, the 1983-1992 Price with thepurple, red, and orange Turntable, green carpet, and really bland whitedoors? Yeah. And they think of Fremantle Media as the devil. And few"Loyal Friends and True" are willing to credit the guys at Price fortrying something new.

    But I am. Long live Drew, and here's to another five years, at the veryleast!

  8. Danny Blankenship from Petersburg, Virginia
    24 May 2013, 4:46 am

    Come on Down, but need I say more this is a long running TV classicthat millions of Americans loved each and everyday! So good you have aloud and cheering audience and contestants are selected to make bids onprices of showcase items for then a chance to compete at higher pricesand win big money! And many of the games and items shown are tough, butit's so interesting to try and price items. Bob Barker always made itwatchable, he's a legend so classy and professional his voice andhosting is classic he was such a hard worker for so many years. A finalnote the showcase models were fantastic to watch also it made the maleviewer take his eye and mind off the prizes for awhile at leastespecially when the screen showed sexy beauties Nikki Ziering or DianParkinson. Really a daytime TV legendary classic!

  9. DKOSTY from United States
    24 May 2013, 4:46 am

    Time has robbed us of the greatest TV game show host – of course I meanBob Barker. Yes, he has retired while he is still young at heart to allof us TPIR fans. He is a good piece of the reason this show is sosuccessful. His off-beat sense of humor always comes through- imagineRosie O'Donnell to replace him? Bob is still toying with us. Now Iheard my old buddy Drew Carey might be the guy. I hope so, Drew wouldbe good as long as Mimi(from his old show) isn't a new model.

    People, namely audience & contestants are the rest of the reason. It iswatching these people & their reactions when they win that makes thisshow a success too. This show has a formula that never goes stale. Theaudience is always diverse & have a special magic created only by thecamping on the sidewalk outside CBS.

    Bob Barkers job is as close to a real Santa Claus as you can get. Inthe last few years, the rotating models formula has proved that all youneed from the models is to look good. The announcers are now numerousduring the shows run- from Olsen to Proddy to Burton & now to Rich.

    After attending two tapings, live, the show is done just as quickly asit airs on television, only during the breaks Bob talks with theaudience taking on all questions. There were no re-takes by Bob when Ifinally saw him live as he is really smooth & professional. Theproduction team is amazing & very professional & courteous toeverybody.

    After 35 years, the show is still a joy because we like to watch happypeople & enjoy Bob Barker. I am ready to replace him, & I am a littleyounger. I'd love to be a real life Santa Claus too. CBS has been kindenough to review my offer, but since I have kept my talents wellhidden, they have turned me down.

    I have been accidentally honored by CBS as Drew Careys first show airson my birthday.

    I went to Hollywood during May & was on camera May 31st. Even though itis nice there the Price sets are looking pretty worn. I'd want a newstudio, sets & move the show closer to my home town if I hosted. Visitmy original home town in my review of the movie "Saratoga Trunk" hereon IMDb.

    Thank you CBS, Drew Careys debut as host is on my birthday, October 15,2007 on air. Good Luck Drew, you beat me out of this job fair & square.

    My new show closing to replace Bob Barker is : "Help control thepolitical population, have all your politicians spayed or neutered,Good bye everybody!"

  10. Seth Nelson from (Near) D/FW Airport, Texas, USA
    24 May 2013, 4:46 am

    I just said that because this show is turning 35 soon!!!!! (in terms ofseasons)

    "The Price Is Right" is the famous remake of the 1950s show. It's abig, colorful, bright show where, unlike many other shows, audiencemembers are called on down to stand in Contestant's Row to bid onprizes, and the closest to the A.R.P. without going over will not onlyclaim the prize, but come on up to play a pricing game!!!!!

    My favorite game is "Plinko;" just about everyone wins something fromthis game (except for one time, which I heard about but didn't see,thank goodness); it's fun, and it's simple!!!!! If I were on, I wouldSO want to play "Plinko!!!!!"

    There's a big wheel to determine who gets to play the ShowcaseShowdown, and we bid on either an exciting showcase or a boring old"Splendido" furniture package. (NOT !!!!! LOL)

    "TPiR" is the most successful of the CBS shows, right there with"Family Feud" and "Match Game!!!!!"


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