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Fake-Out (1982)

  • Rate: 4.7/10 total 109 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Romance | Thriller
  • Release Date: 18 November 1982 (Argentina)
  • Runtime: 96 min | USA:86 min (DVD)
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Fake-Out (1982)


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  • IMDb page: Fake-Out (1982)
  • Rate: 4.7/10 total 109 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Romance | Thriller
  • Release Date: 18 November 1982 (Argentina)
  • Runtime: 96 min | USA:86 min (DVD)
  • Filming Location: Riviera Hotel & Casino – 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Director: Matt Cimber
  • Stars: Telly Savalas, Pia Zadora, Desi Arnaz Jr. | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Arthur B. Rubinstein   
  • Soundtrack: Those Eyes
  • Sound Mix: Mono
  • Plot Keyword: Gangster | Nightclub | Police | Automobile | Las Vegas Nevada

Writing Credits By:

  • John F. Goff (screenplay) (as John Goff) &
  • Matt Cimber (screenplay)

Known Trivia

  • The M. Riklis who produced the film was Pia Zadora’s husband at the time. He also owned a controlling interest in the Riviera hotel, where the film was shot, and he had a small cameo at the very beginning of the film. Is this interesting? Interesting? YesNo |
  • In a 1984 newspaper interview with Pia Zadora by Frank Sanello, it’s mentioned that neither this film nor Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984) had yet been released theatrically. Pia first swooned over ‘Rock Aliens’ and then quipped, “I threatened to commit suicide if ‘Fake Out’ was released.” Is this interesting? Interesting? YesNo |

Plot: Gangster's girlfriend hangs out in a Las Vegas hotel with her cop protectors while she waits to testify. Full summary »  »

Story: Bobbie Warren is an up and coming Las Vegas nightclub singer with ties to the mob which land her in jail until she agrees to testify. After some harrowing experiences in the clink, she buys her way out by saying she’ll squeal and is remanded into the custody of cops Clint Morgan and O.W. Thurston. They keep her in a casino hotel while she waits to see the D.A. Ostensibly a comedy/thriller, the plot mostly revolves around Bobbie falling in love with Clint while still holding out some hope of escaping the cops’ clutches and returning to her boyfriends’ arms. Too bad he’s already plotting to have her rubbed out. Written byChris Holland <chris@stomptokyo.com>


Synopsis: Aas the singing star Bobbie Warren (Pia Zadora) finishes her act, sheis clapped into handcuffs by police lieutenant Thurston (TellySavalas) and jailed in a woman’s prison until she tells them about hermobster boyfriend. Eventually, she gets out, but not unscathed — shewas raped while in prison — and when she is back in Vegas, her life isin danger from the mob and a few hitmen. Car chases and otheraction-filled scenes ensue, while a romantic interest begins todevelop between the singer and her bodyguard (Desi Arnaz, Jr.).Meanwhile, Lieutenant Thurston is heading for a final round-up withthe nefarious mobsters.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Tino Barzie known as executive producer
  • Matt Cimber known as producer
  • Burt Kleiner known as production executive
  • Jefferson Richard known as line producer (uncredited)

FullCast & Crew:

  • Telly Savalas known as Lt. Thurston
  • Pia Zadora known as Bobbie Warren
  • Desi Arnaz Jr. known as Det. Clint Morgan
  • Larry Storch known as Ted
  • G. Wesley Stevens known as Michelle
  • Suzanne Buhrer known as Slot Lady
  • Betty Bunch known as Slot Lady
  • George Savalas known as The Pit Boss
  • Buddy Lester known as The Blackjack Player
  • Sammy Shore known as The Waiter
  • George 'Buck' Flower known as Merrich (as Buck Flower)
  • Tim Rossovich known as Hit Man #1
  • Matt Cimber known as Hit Man #2
  • Meshulam Riklis known as Spiveck (as M. Riklis)
  • Phil Ford known as Male Camper
  • Mimi Hines known as Female Camper
  • Nelson Sardelli known as Danny Parelli
  • Mercedes Hawthorne-Maharis known as Warden Curtis
  • Rusty Feuer known as Happy Johnson
  • Barbara Miller known as Rudinski
  • Anastassia Stakis known as Wooly (as Stassia Stakis)
  • Connie Hair known as Roberta
  • Missy Laws known as Sharon
  • Orthula Hollins known as Candy
  • Diana Jones known as Ann
  • Amanda KC known as Marcia
  • Camelia Kath known as Voice #4 (as Camilla Kath)
  • Lisa McGiveron known as Maryellen
  • Dianna Mann known as Voice #1
  • Noelle Nelson known as Jill
  • Kimberly Trumbell known as Tanya
  • Robin Zito known as Woman
  • Marie Morris known as Punk Girl
  • John F. Goff known as Hood (as John Goff)
  • Dan Parker known as Policeman
  • Fred Rennow known as Sargeant
  • Kay Wade known as Louise
  • Marv Cowan known as Jerry
  • Sam Baldoni known as Vic
  • Fran Dorsey known as Washroom Attendant
  • Pauline Moon-Ko known as Dealer
  • Frank Romano known as Bell Captain
  • Blaine Savage known as Bell Hop #1
  • Bob Mitchell known as High Roller
  • Keli Nyman known as Jackie
  • Rita Alexander known as Showroom Lady
  • Abraham Rudnick known as Judge
  • Lee Shael known as Master of Ceremonies
  • Robert Mann known as Gambler (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:

  • Richard Arrington known as assistant makeup artist
  • Karoly Balazs known as makeup artist (as Balazs)
  • Terril Sandlin known as hair dresser

Art Department:

  • Dean R. Brown known as carpenter (as Dean Brown)
  • Buddy Cone known as carpenter
  • Brian Cornford known as set director
  • Chris Einfeld known as carpenter
  • Terry Haskell known as carpenter
  • Allen Terry known as set designer




Production Companies:

  • Par-Par Productions

Other Companies:

  • Las Vegas Sheriff's Department  the producers wish to thank
  • People of Las Vegas, The  special thank you
  • J. Baskow Agency  extras casting
  • Mahoney / Wasserman  public relations (as Mahoney/Wasserman & Associates)
  • Production Service Consultants  location equipment provided by
  • Cineworks  location equipment provided by
  • MX Inc.  music editing
  • Compact Sound Services  re-recording
  • Modern Film Effects  titles and opticals
  • Circus Circus  appreciation
  • Denny's Inc.  appreciation (as Denny's Restaurant)
  • Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas  appreciation
  • Royal Casino  appreciation
  • Silverbird  appreciation
  • Slots-A-Fun  appreciation
  • Stardust Hotel & Casino  appreciation (as Stardust)
  • Westward Ho  appreciation
  • Phillips 66  appreciation
  • Friendly Ford  courtesy cars provided by
  • Botany 500  men's suits provided by


  • 905 Entertainment (2005) (USA) (DVD) (as "Nevada Heat")
  • Home Box Office Home Video (HBO) (????) (USA) (VHS)
  • Roadshow Home Video (????) (Australia) (VHS)
  • Thorn EMI Video (1983) (USA) (VHS)
  • VTI Home Vídeo (????) (Brazil) (VHS)



Other Stuff

MPAA: Rated R for some sexuality and nudity



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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  1. George Campbell from United States
    20 Dec 2013, 11:48 am

    Pia Zadora has done some strange things in movies…most of thembizarre, like her role in Butterfly, with the incestuous theme.

    This film, though, is way bizarre. It's soft-core porn, really. Thenudity and the strange lesbian kiss from actress Connie Hair, now apolitical PR flack for several conservative organizations, make it afilm most will not enjoy. I doubt that Ms. Hair would enjoy referencesto this film these days.

    I don't like the "women in prison" genre anyhow, but this one is prettyegregious.

    That said, Pia Zadora is always as cute as a bunny, and I wouldn't missany of her films, no matter what. Love ya, Pia!

  2. weho90069 from United States
    20 Dec 2013, 11:48 am

    Welcome to Remake Hell (and you thought that was just happeningtoday!).

    Face it, Remake Hell is eternal. It's been going on for decades andhasn't just been happening in the past 10 or so years. This time in1982's FAKE-OUT, director Matt Cimber reshoots (almost scene for scene)his own prior fiasco from 1975, LADY COCOA (seehttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073259 for details about this turgid 1975mess). This time, Pia Zadora takes on the lead role (originallyportrayed by Miss Lola Falana in LADY COCOA), and the results are NOnoticeably better. Both films suck, and FAKE-OUT's addition of morenoteworthy supporting stars (like Telly Savalas and Desi Arnaz, Jr.)doesn't help matters any. It wasn't a bad plot to begin with, butCimber doesn't elevate the story or improve the writing since his 1975outing with the same material. It's a wonder he hasn't remade this filmfour or five MORE times over with other Vegas headliners like TaylorDayne or Mariah Carey!

    That said, this is still great fun for Zadora fans (or hecklers). Butif you've seen LADY COCOA you may become easily bored by the grade-Zscript, cut-rate production values (the Riviera casino looks prettyshoddy, actually), and the predictability of it all.

    There is one apparently notorious (and charming) shower scene early onin the film where we learn that Pia's acting skills have a definiteceiling. As she's made to cooperate sexually with some fellow inmates,she turns on this blank stare that we all know (and love) from momentssuch as these in THE LONELY LADY. It's like a trademark for Pia. Kindalike that strange, Kabuki stare that Faye Dunaway would occasionallygive off after a tirade in MOMMIE DEAREST. Strange stuff, butcompelling for its utter badness.

    I have to say I was really disappointed in this Matt Cimberextravaganza. It started out OK but as soon as I figured out this was aremake of an earlier, abysmal project, I found myself checking my watchto see how much longer it would run. That was at about the 15 minutemark.

    Pia's opening "number" (the only one in the flick) over which thetitles are displayed is pretty fun stuff — in a thoroughly cheezy way,of course. Freeze-frame moments of Pia shaking her booty, complete withadded optical effects are perfect. Too bad FAKE-OUT didn't contain moreof these types of scenes.

  3. (timrivers99@msn.com) from West Sussex England
    20 Dec 2013, 11:48 am

    (Possible spoilers)

    I’ve just watched this film on an old pre-bbfc-certificate video, which isin great shape for a 20 years plus old tape. Released by Thorn EMI video,back in the day, i was just 13 at the time and too young to view at thattime.Having recently acquired and enjoyed an old video of director MattCimber’sCandy Tangerine Man, i though i’d give this 1982 movie a go.

    Wow what a surprise, i was’nt expecting Fake Out to be as good as itsurelyis.I can not think of another more sassy, fun-spirited, genuinely likablemovieof 1982 than this one. The script is witty and dynamic the on screenperformances are charming, with Pia Zadora as the stand out show stealerandthe stylish and inventive direction draws the viewer in like an habitualgambler to a Vegas gaming table.Vegas looks almost inviting, not at all like the nightmare vision that isTerry Gilliam’s film of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The lighting inthisfilm seems natural and very beautiful, reminded me of my childhood love ofneon lights, which look oh so pretty in this movie.On top of that you also get some incredible car stunts, one of whichinvolves a car traveling on two wheels through what looks like a fullyfunctioning Casino!!This is surely a low budget film, but one that through sheer talent andstyle hit this viewer’s jackpot. I admit i have a love of low budgetfilms,as i feel they tend to be freer artistic expressions than their big budgetmoney raker counterparts, not always, but mostly.One of my favorite American low budget movie actors also appears, Mr BuckFlower, who always makes me smile, love his voice too, i bet he’s a realcharacter in real life.I can not recommend this film highly enough, please please please AnchorBay/ Blue Underground can you release this classic on dvd i’d love to hear acommentary track from Mr Matt Cimber, who also appears in the film!My score 10 / 10

  4. merklekranz from United States
    20 Dec 2013, 11:48 am

    "Fake Out" or as a DVD release, "Nevada Heat", really is a frustratingfilm. First, Pia Zadora is her usual cute as a button, perky self, andTelly Savalas is his usual sarcastic self. These two play off eachother throughout the movie, but the film really goes nowhere. Surethere is a steamy nude shower scene, and Pia takes a bubble bath, butthe simplistic story of a mobster's girlfriend's allegiance or lackthereof comes across more like a series of skits showcasing the RivieraHotel. One interminable scene at a blackjack table plays like aninstructional gambling primer. Attempts at humor mostly fall flat, andthe cartoon-like car chases in and around the hotel only further weakenan already weak film. – MERK

  5. Woodyanders (Woodyanders@aol.com) from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
    20 Dec 2013, 11:48 am

    Sweet and naive, yet sassy and sexy Las Vegas casino lounge singerBobbie Warren (the adorably diminutive and dynamic Pia Zadora) getsincarcerated at a brutal women's penitentiary after refusing to testifyin court against her mobster boyfriend. The little songbird quicklychanges her tune after she's assaulted in the shower by several viciouspredatory lesbians. Bobbie is put in the protective custody of crankysenior cop Lt. Thurston (a marvelously sardonic Telly Savalas) and hiscute eager beaver younger partner Clint Morgan (an engaging performanceby Desi Arnaz Jr.). Meanwhile, two assassins try to bump Bobbie off.

    Directed with considerable go-for-it flair by Matt ("The Witch Who Camefrom the Sea") Cimber (who also plays one of the hit-men), with asprightly, jazzy score by Arthur B. Rubenstein, several thrillingaction scenes (a wild stunt involving a car racing through the lobby ofa packed casino is the definite exciting highlight), garish, gleaming,lively cinematography by Eddy van der Emden, a snappy pace that rarelylets up, and enthusiastic acting from a bang-up cast, "Fake-Out" reallydelivers the infectiously silly and entertaining goods. Popping up innifty supporting parts are Larry Storch as an obnoxiously slicksleazeball talent agent, George "Buck" Flower as an undercoverpoliceman posing as a drunken cowboy gambler, and co-screenwriter JohnGoff in a funny bit as a gay man who hits on Savalas. Best of all, PiaZadora positively lights up the screen with her endearingly perky andradiant presence: Whether she's heartily belting out a catchy song onstage during the opening credits or leading the tough lady prisoninmates in a hilariously bawdy Jane Fonda-style work-out aerobicexercise session, the divine Ms. Z brings a charm, energy and bubblygood nature to her juicy starring role that's an absolute joy to watch.

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